▸ Why does NextLight use white light?

▸ I heard plants only use red and blue light. Why waste energy on green light?

▸ Do NextLight fixtures emit Ultraviolet and Infrared light?

▸ Do your lights offer dimming capabilities?

▸ How high should I hang my NextLight product from my plant canopy?


▸ How many lumens does this light produce?

▸ What NextLight fixture should I purchase to replace my current grow light?

▸ Can you flower with NextLight LEDs?


▸ How much heat do NextLights produce?


▸ Where is the ballast?

▸ Do NextLight Commercial Series products use fans?

▸ Why do the Mega and Veg8 not have a lens over the diodes?

▸ What type of plug is offered on your units?


▸ Why so expensive? I can get LEDs on ebay.

▸ Where is it made?

▸ Is it UL or ETL listed?

▸ Do you offer a trial for your products?

▸ Do NextLight Commercial Series fixtures qualify for energy rebates?
NextLight Commercial Series fixtures are some of the most efficient products on the market and qualify for the best energy rebates with most energy providers. Please contact us for more information.

▸ How long does it last?

▸ What is the warranty?


▸ What is the footprint?

▸ How many plants can I grow under it?


▸ How do you ship?

▸ Do you ship internationally?

▸ Can I ship to a P.O. Box?

▸ How long will it take to receive my items? Will I receive a tracking number?


▸ I forgot my account password?