NextLight Full Spectrum LED

NextLight fixtures emit a full spectrum, bright white light which is more sun-like than even your traditional HPS. Using this spectrum you can expect tighter internodal spacing and better overall quality.

Contrary to popular beliefs of the past, NextLight continued to pioneer the use of bright white, full spectrum LED, which has now become the gold standard of grow lighting.

NextLight's Full Spectrum is easy to work under and provides the same sun-like qualities plants love without the negatives of high energy requirements and high heat.

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  • NextLight

  • HPS 1000W

  • 8 Tube T5

  • Purple LED

  • LED + Red

  • CMH

Visible and Invisible Light

What is Light?

We all want the best for our plants. This pursuit starts with a quality light source. Light is a form of energy. It is part of the electromagnetic spectrum. Electromagnetic radiation is all around us and takes many forms, ranging from radio waves to gamma rays. Sunlight is a form of EM energy. Visible light falls in the range of the EM spectrum between infrared (IR) and ultraviolet (UV).

Visible light is light which is visible to the human eye. Subsequently, visible light is also what plants primarily use to promote photosynthesis. Visible light is generally defined as wavelengths ranging between 380 and 740 nanometers (nm). The big difference between plants and humans is the way we interpret visible light.

Photosynthetically Active Radiation (PAR)

Plants primarily utilize light within the visible light spectrum for plant growth. This refers to light ranging between 400 and 700 nm and is known as Photosynthetically Active Radiation (PAR).

Some grow lights supply EM energy outside of the visible light range such as ultraviolet, far-red and infrared light.

HPS + Infrared (IR)

Traditional light sources like HPS and CMH inherently emit a significant amount of IR light. NextLight fixtures do NOT emit IR because most IR is essentially converted into waste heat and additional HVAC is needed to combat the higher temperatures.

When switching to NextLight, you will notice a big change in your plant canopy temperatures. Expect to run your grow space 5 - 10 degrees warmer due to the lack of radiant heat coming from the light fixture.

Spectrum + UV and IR

  • HPS + IR

  • CMH + IR

  • LED + UV