NextLight LED grow lights use full spectrum, bright white light for a couple reasons. First, the NextLight Spectrum encompasses the full spectrum of the trusted HPS 1000 and adds everything it lacks. Second, bright white light is easy to work under and enables you to easily detect any problems with your plants.

This is a myth perpetuated by LED manufacturers using proprietary purple spectrums.

The NextLight Spectrum gives you more green and yellow than LED competitors of the past. Modern science has concluded, in bright white conditions, green light is most photosynthetically efficient.

When purple LEDs were first introduced to the market, the use of green light was not feasible from a technology standpoint. Therefore, they used outdated science to promote their perfect purple, proprietary spectrum.

As any grower knows, the quest for the perfect spectrum is more of a gimmick than a scientific pursuit.

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Plants primarily utilize light within the visible light spectrum for plant growth. Therefore, NextLight products do not incorporate light outside the visible light spectrum; i.e. ultraviolet (UV) light and infrared (IR) light. For customers who desire UV and IR, we suggest using supplemental lighting.

NOTICE: Trace amounts of UV emitted from NextLight products. Minimize exposure to eyes or skin. Use appropriate shielding or eye protection.

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Most NextLight Pro Series products come with external and onboard dimming capabilities. The NextLight Plus Pro is the only Pro Series product that only has external dimming capabilities. NextLight Home Series products have onboard dimming capabilities.

For large commercial applications, suggested hanging height may very, so please contact NextLight for recommendations. Do NOT hang fixtures lower than the minimum suggested hanging height, this may burn plants.

NextLight Mega Pro Suggested Hanging Height

Flower: 12 - 24 inches (18 inches for most conditions)
Veg: 24 - 36 inches (Start high, adjust as plants acclimate)

NextLight Veg8 Pro Suggested Hanging Height

Flower: Not recommended
Veg: 12 - 24 inches (Start high, adjust as plants acclimate)

NextLight Core Pro Suggested Hanging Height

Flower: 8 - 18 inches (10 inches for most conditions)
Veg: 18 - 36 inches (Start high, adjust as plants acclimate)

NextLight Plus Pro Suggested Hanging Height

Flower: 18 - 24 inches (18 inches for most conditions)
Veg: 36 - 48 inches (Start high, adjust as plants acclimate)

NextLight 420h Suggested Hanging Height

Flower: 12 - 24 inches (18 inches for most conditions)
Veg: 24 - 48 inches (Start high, adjust as plants acclimate)

NextLight 150h Suggested Hanging Height

Flower: 8 - 18 inches (18 inches for most conditions)
Veg: 24 - 36 inches (Start high, adjust as plants acclimate)

NextLight Mega Pro: 2,784 Diodes

NextLight Veg8 Pro: 640 Diodes

NextLight Core Pro: 896 Diodes

NextLight Plus Pro: 1344 Diodes

NextLight 420h: 1792 Diodes

NextLight 150h: 672 Diodes

NextLight Mega Pro: 116,705 Lumens

NextLight Veg8 Pro: 37,364 Lumens

NextLight Core Pro: 37,372 Lumens

NextLight Plus Pro: 56,270 Lumens

NextLight LED grow lights are designed to efficiently replace and outperform traditional grow lights. Below is a list of NextLight products, adjacent are the traditional fixtures they are designed to replace.

NextLight Mega Pro, 640W 1000W DE HPS
NextLight Veg8 Pro, 210W450W 8 Tube T5
NextLight Core Pro, 210W315W CMH
NextLight Plus Pro, 320W600W HPS

Yes, most NextLight products can be used in both flower and veg. See the suggested footprint FAQ for more information.

Generally speaking, NextLight products produce about half the heat of the traditional grow lights they are designed to replace. Below is a list of NextLight products and their BTU output. Suggested room temperature will vary but generally low to mid 80s is recommended in most situations.

NextLight BTU Output
NextLight Mega Pro, 640W 2,185
NextLight Veg8 Pro, 210W 720
NextLight Core Pro, 210W 720
NextLight Plus Pro, 320W 1,100
NextLight 420h, 420W 1,435
NextLight 150h, 150W 515

LED fixtures differ from traditional lighting fixtures which utilize a remote ballast. NextLight products are powered using self-contained drivers. Just plug and play.

No, NextLight products do not contain fans. These products are passively cooled by having adequate airflow in the environment. This innovation allows for a silent and highly efficient product experience.

All NextLight products are manufactured without a lens over their diodes for the purpose of increased light intensity. NextLight products are IP65 Wet Rated and certified for use in damp locations and are protected against water projected from a nozzle.

All NextLight products come with power cord voltage options of 120V (NEMA 5-15P), 240V (NEMA 6-15P), 277V (Twist Lock), or 277V (Open-End/Whip).

The NextLight Control Pro and NextLight Adapt Pro only operate with NextLight Pro Series fixtures (Mega Pro, Veg8 Pro, Core Pro, Plus Pro). These control systems will not operate with Commercial Series or Home Series fixtures.

NextLight is a leading provider of the highest efficiency and quality LED grow lights. What makes NextLight products different from other grow lights on the market is the amount of usable light emitted by our fixtures relevant to the amount of energy consumed. NextLight products are backed by data. Most cheap LED manufacturers do not release relevant data about their products.

In addition, NextLight products are backed by the best Five (5) Year Full Manufacturer’s Warranty, covering all components, down to the diode.

All NextLight products are designed in Ohio and assembled in China.

All NextLight Pro Series products are DLC Hort Listed and UL 8800 certified.

All NextLight products are backed by a 30-day money back guarantee.

NextLight fixtures are some of the most efficient products on the market and qualify for the best energy rebates with most energy providers. Please contact us for more information.

NextLight fixtures have a Q90 life rating of greater than 50,000. This equates to 11.5 years for flowering (12hrs on / 12hrs off) and 7.5 years for vegetative (18hrs on / 6 hrs off) situations before any intensity loss.

NextLight products come with a Five (5) Year Full Manufacturer's Warranty. For more information please visit the Warranty and Returns page.

NextLight products have varying suggested footprints. See the suggested footprint for each fixture below.

NextLight Fixture Flower FootprintVeg Footprint
NextLight Mega Pro, 640W 5ft x 5ft7ft x 7ft
NextLight Veg8 Pro, 210W Not Recommended2ft x 4ft
NextLight Core Pro, 210W 3ft x 3ft4ft x 4ft
NextLight Plus Pro, 320W 2ft x 4ft4ft x 4.5ft
NextLight 420h, 420W 3ft x 3ft5ft x 5ft
NextLight 150h, 150W 2ft x 2ft3ft x 3ft

Everyone’s growing style is different. First, figure out what size plants you will be growing. Then, look up the suggested footprint of the NextLight fixture you are using. This should give you a realistic idea of how many plants you can grow under each fixture. Keep in mind, some plants can significantly increase in size throughout their life.

NextLight products are shipped via FedEx and R+L Carriers.

Yes, although all international shipments must be processed through one of our authorized retailers. To obtain a shipping quote, please send your desired product and shipping address to one of our featured retailers.

No, NextLight products cannot be shipped to a P.O. box, unless shipped by a third party.

Orders received after 2:00 PM ET will be processed the next day. Orders will be processed and shipped within 3-5 business days depending on order volume. Some packages may be shipped separately to ensure fastest delivery. A tracking number will be sent to your email when your order has shipped.

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